Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of Members (the “Annual Meeting”) of Security Federal Mutual Bancorp (the “MHC”) will be held at the office of Security Federal Savings Bank located at 314 Fourth Street on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and at any adjournment thereof. The record date for members eligible to participate in the Annual Meeting is March 31, 2024. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to consider and vote upon the election of Mr. Jeff Baker, Mrs. Annette Russel, and Mr. Scot Ortman as directors and such other business as may properly come before the Annual Meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Security Federal Savings Bank

Equipo de fideicomisos

Nuestro equipo de Fideicomisos puede brindarle asistencia con sus necesidades relacionadas con tutelas, acuerdos de agencia, fideicomisos y albacea de herencias. También ofrecemos servicios de nóminaSi está listo para empezar, comuníquese con Heather Winters, Rachel Ervin o Gina White hoy mismo.


Heather Winters

Vicepresidenta, Fideicomisos
574-722-6261 ext. 9261
Fax: 574-722-3760


Rachel Ervin

Asociada de Fideicomisos
574-722-6261, ext. 9257
Fax: 574-722-3760


Gina White

Administradora de Fideicomisos
574-722-6261, ext. 9279
Fax: 574-722-3760